In life there is always a day or two or more, that we encounter difficulties. Such as when we meet people who suddenly change some part of us, make us realize that life can be miserable or happy by choice. These people make us believe that there is hope in everything. They even make difficulties easy to handle because they make us smile. But when we start to feel we lose them, we also lose a part of ourselves. It is a bit stupid – yes? True. However they also make us learn something which is to keep the faith alive in God, that something’s going to happen even without them. That life is beautiful and a surprise to each of us. I am very happy to have met these people for even in a while I have really lighten my load a bit and strengthen my soul, not only that for making me smile even for a while. So now I just hope things will turn out fine – just like any normal person’s dream. Keep the faith!

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