June 10, 2011. Game 5 for Dallas and Miami’s Championship Game, my rest day from work and my pay day. Great day, ain’t it? What makes it greater was that I made use of my salary for myself. Call me selfish all you want but you can’t blame me. I was a deprived kid – deprived from simple happiness such as eating what you want, buying what you want and having fun. Now, that I am working for myself and my kids, I don’t think I still need to deprive myself. So what I did was… 
I bought myself a plane ticket for Cagayan de Oro and a boat ticket for my comeback to Cebu. Aside from that, I decided to treat myself to a very heavy meal in Sunburst Ayala, since this was one of my favorite childhood restaurants (I just missed their dishes…) I ordered my favorite Kinilaw (raw pickled fish with vinegar), a Sunny Solo Thigh, Coleslaw and lastly iced tea. The kinilaw was definitely not good for one person. And what made it heavier was I ordered two extra rice. Total hunger? Nah, I call it self-satisfaction to its best! 
After that very heavy meal, it was really heavy because I burped like four times, I decided to watch XMEN: First Class at Ayala still. What was funny was, I looked like I was not from Cebu, why? Because I strolled everywhere looking for Cinema 1 (which by the way was not called as it is). Hehe. I looked for it and good thing though I saw the entrance and feel like a dumb ass all along. I entered the cinema and voila, saw heaven in darkness! I watched the film (which by the way, I will be making a review) and enjoyed it so much.
I went home with a huge smile, with which my brother was having some crazy thoughts about. He was thinking I had done something weird or what. So I told him and he asked me to treat him for dinner, which I willingly did. (grrrr….) Hehe. Anyway this was the best day and best payday ever.
I know people will call me selfish, but I have given so much to other people in the past. I forgot myself and I forgot to value ME. So even though I spent so much today, I might regret it after a few days (when I get broke), but then what is there to regret… I was happy all by myself!
Next project: Make Over. 🙂

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