When we were kids, we were ignorant from the world’s harshness. We played with so much delight and we don’t recognize life’s complexity. If we get hurt, we cry but the pain wouldn’t last because we resort to fun and play.

Now we grow up and we slowly learn and acknowledge life’s realities. We experience pain and learn from it. We struggle to live everyday and we try to survive.

We create our own mark in our lives and we create our own world. We fall in love, we take risks, we have kids and we get married. We look for jobs and we focus on careers. We forget life’s beauty and we forget to pause because we are too focused on worldly matters. We are then lured to bad vibes and negativities. We make mistakes. We then forget priorities.

When karma hits us and consequences arrive, we then have lots of regrets. We pray and we ask for pardon. We then learn.
I hope I will.

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