LIL Bit…

I should not have seen your face.
Something that gives me sunshine on a rainy day.
I should not have heard you laugh.
Something that made me reminisce of Coldplay songs.
I should not have looked you in the eye.
Something that reminds me of beauty.
I should not have talked to you.
Something that excites me when I do remember the conversation we have.
A lil bit of you.
Lil things that make me laugh.
I miss those tiny bits of pieces that completes you.
Tiny bits of you make me smile.
A lil bit of everyday with you.
Walking hand in hand under the rainy days.
Talking and laughing without the world minding.
Sitting beside each other.
Kissing all through out the evening.
A lil bit of you… slowly fills the emptiness in me.

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