Everyday you wake up, you blink your eye and the first thing that you think of would be ‘What would happen today that did not happen yesterday?’. You open your eyes and see reality as it is on a normal basis. You stand up, take a bath, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth and you prepare for your job.  You open you door kiss your wife or your husband, you bid goodbye and you’re off to work. At work, you go to your locker bring out some files, you go to your table, you turn your computer and you start your work. You deal with your backbiting office mates, you talk with colleagues and you shut up when its your boss talking. You go back to your chair and you go to back to your tasks. All this you do daily for the rest of your life (well, not really because you age and you retire), but then this has become a routine to you. You get bored but you need to do this because you need the money for your bills, your kids’ education plan and your food. You are about to give up on the job because might be that you’re no longer happy.


At the back of your mind, you think of your most favorite job, your ideal self and your dreams of getting out of the nutshell you’re in. You started daydreaming, you have  a lot of wishful thinking and you continue to dream. Everyday you get a smile in your face because even though you are doing your daily routine there is something that still makes you want to do it, it’s the faded dreams that keeps you going. It is going to be risky when one day you want to stop it and you go for your dream. But then again it’s just a random thought. You are tied up to reality that you will not be able to reach those goals you have and the dreams you badly want. And yet you continue to dream.

All of a sudden…

You got the courage to go to your boss, hand over your resignation and quit your daily routine.  You get out of your comfort zone and yes, you are now released from the bonds of your job. You get to conquer your dream. You go out and explore. You do a lot of things you haven’t done in so many years. You have constantly improved on your connection with humanity. You have enjoyed so much with your new experience.

Yet one day…

You missed your old self when everything was organized and planned. And you want to go back to that old self . But you’re asked to choose, would you live the routine or continue the care-free life you have now?

The answer lies in your hand…you wake up to reality because it was just a dream, you fell asleep. Now, would you risk and are you willing to break free?

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