We have grown into the belief that life is sweet and is grand. We were made to believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain. But then when you are already faced with the uncertainty of life, you start to hate. You start to curse at every single thing that is happening in your life. When we are consumed by the rage and anger that we have with the unwanted surprises of life, the people close to us are altogether affected with our behavior. You resort to a lot of things, unwanted things, such as drinking and smoking. You get sick and no one bothers nor look at you. No body cared becaused you didn’t care. You slowly learn your lesson and you beg for forgiveness, no one listens. Yet you continue to speak and beg, but nothing happens.

You die… everybody came and prayed for your soul to rest in peace forever. And there you are standing behind their backs full of anger because not until they have lost you did they remembered you.


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