God created Adam and Eve with the hope of multiplying His followers. He thought that when men and women unite they have the chance to create an offspring. He had this unique yet amazing idea of getting more people to believe in Him. So when Adam and Eve started to procreate, their sons grew up did the same thing and so on and so forth.

Generations had passed, years have gone by and yet we continue to procreate either because of physical pleasure or the desire to have an offspring. In the event that we have create a baby, we feel so happy and so blessed. That extraordinary feeling of ecstacy and fulfillment. Women suffer or should I say, wait, for 9 months to have the baby. Every month they check on the baby just to make sure that when the baby will be out, he or she will be okay. When the 9th month arrives, pain engulfs the body of the woman, it weakens not the physical aspect but also the soul of the bearer. The woman, despite the pain, still looks up and thinks “God please…”. God who had promised her a healthy baby, looked down and said “I will not leave you…”. After 3 to 5 hours of labor and extravagant pain, the baby is out.

The woman named her Maria, to remind her of Mary the Mother of God. The man whom she had made the child with, is happy yet surprised. His thoughts are brought to the future, the responsibility he is going to face. He continues to exaggerate his thoughts, he gets scared and he leaves the woman.

The baby who is now out and is part of the world does not know that she has no dad at all. She continues to live life with her mother, never even once asked about her father.

She grew up and became a well known artist, she painted babies. It reminded her of her past which she had accepted. A baby is her reminder that even an incomplete family can make you whole.

Babies are gifts to us, no matter how hard it would be you have to give in to God’s request that you will be taking care of His precious little one.

Love thy child for theirs’ is the kingdom of our God.

2 thoughts on “BABIES

  1. Thank you for visiting my site today Kaye. I have enjoyed having a look at yours. I completely agree – children are a gift from God. Being a parent is the best job in the world – such responsibility. I pray everyday for help to parent them well.

    Thank you. Have a blessed life.

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