The rain.

It is a substance that was created to signify a lot of things. It was created to remind us that when things heat up there is always something to cool us down. Every single person in this world has his own definition and perception of the rain. For busy people it is one thing that drains their papeworks, their projects and their hardwork. When they walk down the road with no umbrella and while they are holding their papers they scream and say “Oh God! What the hell… I worked so hard.” They continue to curse and it will ruin their day and this goes on until the rain stops or maybe not. 


 On the other hand, there are street kids who loves the rain. It gives them water to drink on, without them knowing how much it would cause their stomaches to ache. It gives them something to bathe on, since there is no water supplies on the streets. It gives them a cold feeling, since they have been bathed on pure sunlight for more than 24 hours. No matter how hard the rain is, they continue to play and this will go until the rain stops.

There are also lovers who smile when the rain pours. It reminds them of days when they get to cuddle their partners, when they run and chase each other despite getting wet, when they cry over fights and lastly when they get to leave the person they love. The rain would make them cry and make them remember of how beautiful loving is. Regardless of how much pain they have went through, it is the rain that leaves them breathless. It captivates not only the eyes but the soul and heart of the person who loves.


Another set of people who thinks of the rain as special,  are those who are hopeless. The ones who think of ending their lives because the rain reminds them of countless challenges and obstacles. It made them weak and no matter how many times the sun would shine for them to hope, they will never be able to stand firm on the ground and they continue to be hopeless. They prefer the rain because it comforts them, it is the coldness that inspires them to end life, because in death they can seek infinite peace.




The rain it reminds me of being weak and down but more memories of the rain remind me of days when I was so in love.  I guess its the rainy days that really makes me smile.

6 thoughts on “RAIN.

  1. I really loved this post. To be honest, I have never thought about rain so in depth, but this was a fantastic article. Rain really does have a thousand and one meanings and too each person it will conjure up a unique memory. Thanks for sharing!

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