There are some things you need to know about being a Call Center Agent. I am not that experienced when it comes to this job but I just wanted to share some things to enlighten the customers or those people who call us.

1. We are humans, not robots. We feel.

When you shout and curse, it would affect our performance. One bad call can complicate all other calls. It can be controlled, however there are times that we could not. We feel hatred, anger and pain. Regardless if you are just speaking through the phone, it still pierces our hearts. We are not emotional people since we are trained not to take your remarks seriously but one can never escape the fact that he/she can still be affected by just nonsensical comments.

2. It is the policy, not us.

When you blame us because your device was broken or your credit card was charged or your line was cut off, it does hurt. But then can you at least please read the fineprint, that there are rules to everything? You scream, you shout and ask for supervisors or managers who will still be saying the same thing cause again, they are bound to the policy of the company they work for. No matter how many times you cry, we would not care,  because you at least need to read some important points before jumping into conclusion that “HEY YOU’RE RIPPING ME MY MONEY!”.

3. Yes we have a different accent, but we speak ENGLISH.

“I could not understand you!” or “Can I speak to someone who speaks english?’ – these are your usual comments when talking to us. It could not be denied that we are from the other end of the world, however that doesn’t mean we dont speak your language. We can understand you, how come you dont?

4. We take phone calls for a lot of people not just you.

So please do not waste our time for your whining and complaints about the charges or something like that. Because then again please refer to no.2.

5. We value you as our customers so please do the same.

We count the times that we make our customers happy. We also count the times we had bad calls. But what would make us smile and what can complete our day would be when we satisfy your needs and requests without breaking our policy. Because it is a win-win situation. And when we hear your smiles over the phone, it lessens the baggage of the frustrated customers that we have.

Note: I worked as a call center agent for 1 year now for big companies under big clients which I could not disclose. 😀


  1. I have never been a call center agent but I am in the telecom industry. I have setup call centers and I have seen the frustration people in that position go through. Not a great job but and takes special breed to handle mean rude people.

  2. Hi Kaye
    I was the senior customer services manager at a company in London. Although we were not a call centre, our job was to be technical support and customer care after the sale. It is one of the most difficult jobs I know.
    I have, on occasion, had to speak to a client who was in such a state that there was nothing I could say that would appease him. In fact, his language was so bad – refer to pt 1 of your list – I had to warn him that I would terminate the call if such language persisted. Before putting the phone down on him, I would put the call on the speaker phone so that others in my office could hear what was being said to me so that I would have some back up. That’s not always possible in a busy call centre, but that’s what recording of calls is good for. And yes, I did put down the phone. So, having been on the receiving end, when I am the client, I do have incredible sympathy for the call centre operator. I do my very best to put pt 5 into operation!!
    May you be blessed in your job and know what it’s like to do a great job. I hope you get thanks from clients too…… that makes everything worth while.
    Keep smiling Kaye

    • Thanks much Kate.

      Yes it is very hard especially when you can’t do anything and the last solution was to end the call.
      I do get a lot of non-sympathetic customers who always say BS during the whole call.
      I think I would also be frustrated if I were in their shoes. But again, there’s nothing that I can do.
      What I normally think of is, I WOULD NOT GET ANY MONEY WITHOUT THIS CUSTOMERS.
      Just one motivation to keep me going.


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