I was amazed by what I had read when I went through the Daily Post. I read through a few topics there and was amazed by Brigitte’s post “Do you Blog Anonymously or as yourself? Why?”. I never thought how people would react when asked about Privacy and Publicity in terms of blogging or even social networking. I have high regards to those people who loves to write without being afraid of whatever they write about. However, why do people need to hide themselves over the internet? Are they afraid of what people might think? Is it something to do with work, family and friends? I believe that the worldwide web was created solely for the people’s interest to gather as much information as they can to help them with their educational need or research needs. And when the web enhanced and grew massively in size and number, people with their creative minds, thought of creating a way to unite people from all over the world. Then  Friendster was created, Tagged, MySpace and the famous and overused Facebook. Social networking made it easier for people to share what they think by posting status with around 420 characters or more if you’re using G+. Also when one word seemed to matter to the rest of the world, Twitter was created, to make short notes that meant something else. People started saying a lot and cursing a lot (this is normal, I guess…). People voiced out opinions on topics and news. People even used it as tool to express their entire thought of a simple line coming from, let’s say, the President, a famous actor or someone who died. Not also do they just type it or write it, they also record it via YouTube.  So many things have changed over time especially in the Web. And a 98% of the total users are not afraid of using the internet as tool to the overused “Freedom of Expression”. I have even read posts from kids who are against a lot of things. I guess its not about the criticism you get or the “Dislikes”, not even the “Likes” you get, what really matters is that you express yourself without the fear of being hated. So long as you did not copy it from someone else (damn you, if you do this!).

For those who would like to be anonymous for the rest of their lives, I respect your opinion but I hope that one day you’ll be strong and bold enough to get out and step out of your self-made prison. One day you will realize that, “It would have been better if I put my name on  it.” Just imagine if someone quoted your line… That is one writer’s dream!

And for those who dared, I salute you. The strength of a single word can affect the lives of a thousand people. Cheers to us, we still have our self-publicity INTACT!


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