It’s pretty amazing how WP’s Daily Posts help you out for your Blog Topics. Another has struck and has excited my brain cells. If you were God… The question was about how I should start the world, I guess I wouldnt want to change how it all started, I would rather change what is happening right now as results of how it started.

If God gave me one day to be Him/Her (depending on how you address your own God).  There are some things I would love to change.


I would like to lessen these especially in countries where only a few people have the luxury to eat three meals a day. I would want them to have their own means of living, where they control what they have. I also would want them to learn how to work hard in order for them to survive. I might also give them something that they can start on. Poverty, I consider this a disease that spreads, it is greater than AIDS because it doesn’t weaken the body but also the soul. This is the very first thing I would love to change, and maybe I can instill in the minds of the poor that they don’t need to be weak because everything is possible through God (through me).


I am guessing that everyone can relate to this. Corruption is everywhere, from public buses to trains, taxi, fastfood chains and unfortunately in every country’s government. The reason why I would like to change this, because it is one factor why poverty existed. Corruption is the result of greed and people not being contented with what they have. It leaves us to the thought that the people who has the higher position in life is more likely to have more power over their inferior and it would make them control the lives of others. The reason why I want to change this, because I dont see the reason as to why some people are satisfied at the misfortune of another. It just ain’t right.

3. LOVE.

Love, is for everybody and I just want everybody to feel that they are loved and they have the capability to love back despite the hatred and anger they have in life. Angst-driven persons need a hug from me and from everyone.


I would want to eradicate this. As the song goes, “Why does everybody have to be so obsessed, when money cant buy us hapiness?” (Correct me if I am wrong…) I would want to go back to the old school mode of transactions which is barter. I guess by exchanging goods and services, everything would be fair. (Idealistic, eh?!)

5. HATE.

It is yet another thing everyone wishes to eradicate, but I wouldnt, I would just lessen the factors that drives hatred. I guess in each one of us, it is one emotion that we are fortunate to have, for we can express hatred in different amount for various reasons. It is not something we should be deprived however it should be controlled. This one is hard to obtain yet it is practical in some sense.

All these I would want to change, that again, if I was God.

Note: Photos are from Google Images

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