I am thinking about Time and its essence.  Which is more important, Time or Money? 

When we were still kids, do we care about it? In some ways maybe, but we only care about it when it’s play time or time to go to sleep. When we start going to school, the only moment we care about time is when we get late (but still we get up late). When you grow up, you start to value time through your daily tasks, you already have a planner or maybe an organizer to help you out with what you are going to do.

And time, as we all have experienced, flies by so fast. It is so fast that you fail to take a good hold of it. You utilize it for senseless activities (for some of us) and serious ones as well. However when you do a lot of things and you managed your time well, there is no time for you to rest and stop. And soon, you forget to run some errands, you forgot a lot of things because you did not rest and stop for a while.

You start complaining and maybe cursing. And then you get into self-help books that has titles such as “How to Manage your Time”  or “7 Ways to Manage your Time” or worse “Time Management for Dummies” (is there one? I need one!). Or if you don’t worry about managing your time, you worry about things you have done which you shouldn’t have like making out with someone during a party or cursing someone randomly because you had a bad day.

I guess what I am just trying to say is regardless what time means to each one of us, it is very important. And this should not be taken for granted.

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