Quitting is an Option

I haven’t made a post in quite a long time (maybe a month or longer). What I have been doing for that long vacation from blogging was reading freshly pressed blogs, browsing the web for nice pictures that can relax my mind and focusing mainly on my job as Technical Support Professional. I have also been reflecting a lot about my life – more on what I want to do and what would satisfy me. But these thoughts are just mainly a distraction to the reality that has been happening around me. For the record (I dont care if this is a shame on my end), I have been on the bottom for our team, my performance at work is ten steps lower than mediocre and my finances are at the edge of darkness (I am not that broke though, tough times). People have been asking me, “Would you want to Quit?” 

And here’s my first response…

No, quitting are for losers. And in life losers do not get the best out of things. Losers do not have the positivity in life. They only cry and go to their families and friends for strength. They dont face the challenge provided to them nor do they have the courage to go through it. So I am not quitting (this is what I said before), I have my kids and they need me, I dont have the time to quit and just surrender.

After a week, here’s my response…

Source: Google Images

I quit. I admit I am weak. I admit I am not perfect and not strong enough. I admit to the fact that there are some things I couldn’t handle. Life has been hard to me ever since. I have to cry and just suck it up. Because then again I am weak. I dont believe in hope, I dont believe that I have the capability of keeping the faith nor on my strength to face the tough challenge.

The question remains, “When is it a good time to quit?”. It is alright to quit when you think you’re alone and there’s no one else or when you feel like you have had enough. It is alright to say you surrender when times really get rough and there’s no way to escape. Because when you admit how weak you are, you get the fact that you are human, bound to imperfections and that you are not God who can handle all things. And when you realize that, you then wake up from you nightmare and stand up face the challenge even if you’re already on wounded knees.


4 thoughts on “Quitting is an Option

  1. Wow. Interesting. I personally believe that quitting–depending upon when it occurs and why–can be a source of personal strength, and that’s for two reasons. 1) You are embarking on a new course in life and admitting that you have always hated/dealt with the job/life you ended up with and 2) You were brave enough to try something new.

    I cannot tell you how many of my friends hate what they do. Some of them are in jobs which pay quite hefty sums. However, I also understand the person who doesn’t have the flexibility in their life to make the decision to leave an unfulfilling job/life behind. Sometimes, that decision is selfish to all involved. However, if you can and do quit, that doesn’t necessarily make you a coward.

    PS : I love the name of your blog!

    • Yes definitely. I really wanted to quit my job but then I love 80% of it. I just have to continue living this life that I have now and maybe one day I will be fulfilled once I decide to get out. 😀

      Yeah weird blog name but nice. 😀

  2. So true, I quit my office based job and turned my hobby into a profession. And yes I am happy with that decision. I’m enjoying life more than ever. Having great time with family and friends and yet still earning!

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