Sinulog Strikes Again!

Cebu is usually a very busy city. Every year many events happen. It can be concerts or local programs and events. Despite many annual events the most awaited is the Sinulog Festival. It is the busiest time of the year. Many people from the city would really take the time of celebrating to honor the dear St. Nino. The Sinulog Festival is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of the month of January. But that doesn’t mean it is specifically for that day only. Starting new year many merchants from other places around the Philippines would come to sell their items. Many local shops would be selling souvenirs specially made for Sinulog. Big malls and other establishments would take part in a month long celebration. Fireworks contest, art shows, band shows, singing contests are just some of the many activities. The biggest activity would really anticipate is the Sinulog Dance Festival. Main roads (Jones Avenue and Fuente Osmena) would be closed. Dancers from all over the philippines would join for the big price. Not only that you get to enjoy the beauty of Cebu! Another highlight on this event is the Procession, where many people would line up and chant for the dear Patron Saint. Well these are just some of the activities, there’s still a lot more! If you can catch up come here to cebu and enjoy!!

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