Such is Such

In today’s music industry, many bands would like to get in and make a name. There are also some who just get into this hobby or self-proclaimed passion and just want to be famous. There are also a few who doesn’t mind fame and just get into that stage and play their music. I admire the latter.

Here in the Philippines, most bands are influenced by various musicians around the world, thus you can hear the variety and mixes of genre put together in many songs. Lyrics are mostly emotional and has a deeper meaning and a story behind it. There are also some lyrics that are plain dumb, totally nonsensical but the melody catches the listener. This is how most Filipino musicians work out their music and sell songs.

In our city here in Iligan, many bands have attempted to hit the national music scene and only a few made a mark. It can be because of how listeners would identify the music with the band and how they like the songs. However that doesn’t mean that Iliganons do not have the talent. We are proud to be home of some of the most talented musicians and song writers.

One of the talented bands that I consider members of the few musically inclined elites is SUCH.

This band rooted from different musical influences and with different music genre preferences. The band is composed of Miki (Vocals), Simon (Guitarist and Back up Vocals), Michael (Guitarist and Backup Vocals), John (Drums), Brando (Keyboard) and EJ (Bass).


I asked them on how they came up with the band name. They really do not have that specific answer but as what they said SUCH was the random word that had described them as a group. They also came from different bands that plays various music genre ranging from, alternative, punk rock, hardcore, death and indie rock. When they all gathered and decided to form a band, they kind of mixed all of their influences and played songs that are a bit eccentric and new to the ears of listeners.

Such has been invited to various shows all over the Philippines and have been considered one of the freshest yet innovative bands ever. They have played with some of the best bands in the Philippines.

Such with Franco

One thing that makes them stand out is how they deliver their songs when on stage. Miki has been a vocalist for various bands thus experience made her what she is today. She knows how to deliver the song and her voice is strong. The guys as well has their ways of making people jump up and down with their music. Michael and Simon moves a lot when on stage and it just shows how enthusiastic they are when playing. John is also expressive when playing the drums and it isnt just about head banging all the way to the end of the song. Brando on the keys also has his way of entertaining the crowd. And EJ is the only person in the band (as far as I can remember) who just moves a bit. Regardless if he moves or not, but when he’s on the bass guitar, he’s definitely good at it.

Aside from showmanship, SUCH is also humble with the things that they have achieved over the years. They just see it as a blessing and a result of their hard work. Just recently they have been featured in an international website BITE MY MUSIC. 

Sometime in February a voting is going to be made for all of the featured bands. We can help SUCH spread their music not just in the Philippines but also around the world. The procedures and guidelines are yet to be updated. Once we have that information, I will definitely update you guys and I hope you help SUCH through voting. You may listen to some of their songs and hear for yourself the music that has captivated many people as well.

Visit their website on SUCH. Check out their videos and there’s an online streaming available on PandaBoy.


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