For the Horde

For the Horde

Iligan has always been considered a place full of artistry. Not only does the city showcase fine arts but also houses some of the most talented individuals. Another year has passed but new music continues to grow in this almost empty city. We had a line of the best bands in the city, Such,Outnumbered, Kill Mickey Mouse and so on. These bands have proven that even in the Deep South, lays numerous talented few who wants to make it in the music industry.

Fast forward 2012 and another band is born by the name of “For the Horde”. The band promised not to surprise listeners by basically combining different talented individuals with various influences all into one group. Call it musical experiment but it is way beyond that! The band had a history which they have formed a bond by being one of the best acoustic groups in the city –Trip Trip Trip. The band is a deeply influenced by Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Ash, Four Year Strong, Envy on the Coast and so on. The band is composed of Michael on the microphone,Bren on lead guitars, Joseph on Bass, Joseph or famously known as Tabak for the drums and Winston as a sub guitarist. The guys have been from various bands since a decade ago. Yes, all of them are quite experienced when it comes to making and playing music.

Before getting to the story of the band’s name, let’s dive into the band’s individual history. As expected Michael leading this group would have a lot to share by being part of the defunct band, Such. His expertise in creating poetic lyrics has been known all over the city. Michael is more of the “poppish” person – just check out his interests! Michael has a lot to contribute to the group by writing their first song Prolixity. Next would be Bren, started from being part of a band influenced by 311, also known as Urban Decay. Bren has been out and around for a while in the music scene and just got back with playing for “For the Horde”. Joseph on the bass is greatly influenced by reggae music and has been in numerous party bands for many years now. His musical influences are too diverse. He is flexible but is more fluent with playing his 5-string bass.

Winston their sub guitarist (when Bren ain’t around) is considered one of the best guitarists in Iligan. Before getting into party bands, he was lead guitars for quite a few metal bands. Last but never ever the least is their drummer Tabak, who has made a history in the worldwide music scene – by being in numerous bands and playing for more than 5 bands in one gig. He plays mainly for hardcore bands. Call it crazy, but this guy could break his leg by what he is doing. Clearly this is a musical mess especially with different influences all rolled into one. But what do you expect when these guys just want to develop something new.

The question would then be “Why For the Horde?” Michael who is unquestionably a fan of World of Warcraft got the name from one of faction’s name Horde which is what he calls as the “baddies”. Up until now, he is an avid player of the game. We can’t blame him for getting the name from a game. It is definitely an eccentric idea but that is how these bad ass guys would like to label themselves. Often dubbed as War Lords, these guys deserve the title for they have been in the music scene for a long time.

Looking at the development of this band, they have created three songs in a short span of time. Their songs are Prolixity, Warmonger and Divide, Decimate. According to Michael the songs meant:

Prolixity – Multiple meaning. Denying what is clearly obvious and lying about it despite being hurt.Talking and talking when you can easily sum it all up in a few words.

Warmonger – Religion Sucks but we are bound by it. We blindly abide by it, it has become our way of life, a routine, a tradition, and we hate and kill each other because of it.

(Not recorded yet. ) Divide,Decimate – Imaginary Leader figure pummeling humanity into pieces without us being aware of it.

These guys have rocked the stages of Iligan for the third time just this April 27, 2013 with the “Tell All Your Friends Again” gig. If you want to hear their songs you can check out their Sound Cloud page: Spread the love by liking their page on Facebook:




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