Kai’s Kitchen

Yesterday was definitely a tiring day for me and our crew in SMC as we handled a leadership seminar for high school students. Having 3 hours of sleep was not right but it was a blast.

But before the day ended, we planned to have lunch at Chowking Tibanga but unfortunately it was full so I suggested we try Kai’s Kitchen. It’s located in Chelina Arcade Tibanga, Iligan City. As a self-confessed foodie and a lover of any kind of food, I have always planned to come here as some close friends have highly suggested. The place was not that big but was perfect for small families and couples on a date. Good thing we were graced by a table for 5. The menu was indeed tempting and I wished I had money that day as I would like to order their best dishes. But since it was for our team, we ordered their Bicol Express, Special Chicken Pater, Fried Chicken Duo and their Garden Salad.

The Bicol Express was very yummy. The way it was cooked was great and wasn’t any regular bicol express. The tiny slices of chili (which I ate) added to the beauty of their Bicol Express. I highly suggest people to order this and the price is just right. As for their Chicken Pater, my friend said it was good and their palapa was just right for his tastebuds. The plating deserves a thumbs up! As for the Fried Chicken Duo, it was also good according to my companion.

The last that was served was the Garden Salad. As a vegetable lover, I indulged myself on their sumptuous garden salad which has sliced cucumber, bell pepper, carrots and lettuce. The sauce for their salad was perfect for the salad – wasn’t that salty and a bit of sour which is good while pairing it with the vegetables.

I was definitely in love and I will surely go back to Kai’s Kitchen… This time with my family.



Sorry I didn’t have pictures. 😦


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