The Final Defense and House of Pasta

Last October 16, 2013 I had my final defense for my undergraduate thesis. I have worked with a lot of thesis before but not related to my field. Working with other thesis was easy for me but when I worked on my own – damn it was hard!

On that day I made sure everything was prepared such as contacting my panel and adviser along with the necessities such as projectors, laptop and food for the panel. Speaking of food, I had this long time craving for House of Pasta‘s dishes. Their pictures along with their customers’ are too tempting to resist but unfortunately I can’t go to their place since they open only on Fridays. Weekdays are a killer for my craving for food. Still, I preferred their food to be served on my final defense. I admit I was a bit hesitant since I was on a tight budget but fast forward when I made the order and met with Chef Warren, I knew I was making the right choice.

Pasta as opposed to any other dish requires one ingredient to make it tasty and that is LOVE. It’s my belief, because pasta is a dish that anyone can just indulge in. Warren has that ingredient – love for food, love for life and love for his customers. With that, he can easily cook it in a few minutes without sacrificing food quality and extravagant taste.

Moving forward, when I got the order… I was tempted to just directly eat it because the aroma and the smell is calling me out saying “Hey! EAT ME!..” which is weird but it is definitely that one call no one would like to miss.

Back to defense, unfortunately we had some lapses and it was an eye opener to know them all. I was happy in the end because I learned a lot from my panel and it is just wise to take note of what they tell us especially corrections. To add to the happiness is the reaction when they saw the food… “Kani lami jud ni!” which they tasted later on and confirmed what they have said… “Lami jud siya Kaye, aha ni gikan?”

Good food in defense definitely add a point not to my grade but to the over all experience. My final defense was a challenge indeed but it ended well.

Going back to House of Pasta, Warren added two servings on my order for me and my boyfie to get a taste of their pasta… BRAVO! It was the yummiest thing I had. It was just full of taste. The texture was perfect. The sauce was enough. The bacon and the shrimp definitely made it complete. I fell in love with the pasta…

Indeed it was one of the best pasta I had in years. Im not exaggerating but a foodie like me who likes to eat a lot, is suggesting this to friends…

Till next time House of Pasta! 🙂

Contact them here:

Phone 0917 431 1101



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