Such is Such

In today’s music industry, many bands would like to get in and make a name. There are also some who just get into this hobby or self-proclaimed passion and just want to be famous. There are also a few who doesn’t mind fame and just get into that stage and play their music. I admire the latter.

Here in the Philippines, most bands are influenced by various musicians around the world, thus you can hear the variety and mixes of genre put together in many songs. Lyrics are mostly emotional and has a deeper meaning and a story behind it. There are also some lyrics that are plain dumb, totally nonsensical but the melody catches the listener. This is how most Filipino musicians work out their music and sell songs.

In our city here in Iligan, many bands have attempted to hit the national music scene and only a few made a mark. It can be because of how listeners would identify the music with the band and how they like the songs. However that doesn’t mean that Iliganons do not have the talent. We are proud to be home of some of the most talented musicians and song writers.

One of the talented bands that I consider members of the few musically inclined elites is SUCH.

This band rooted from different musical influences and with different music genre preferences. The band is composed of Miki (Vocals), Simon (Guitarist and Back up Vocals), Michael (Guitarist and Backup Vocals), John (Drums), Brando (Keyboard) and EJ (Bass).


I asked them on how they came up with the band name. They really do not have that specific answer but as what they said SUCH was the random word that had described them as a group. They also came from different bands that plays various music genre ranging from, alternative, punk rock, hardcore, death and indie rock. When they all gathered and decided to form a band, they kind of mixed all of their influences and played songs that are a bit eccentric and new to the ears of listeners.

Such has been invited to various shows all over the Philippines and have been considered one of the freshest yet innovative bands ever. They have played with some of the best bands in the Philippines.

Such with Franco

One thing that makes them stand out is how they deliver their songs when on stage. Miki has been a vocalist for various bands thus experience made her what she is today. She knows how to deliver the song and her voice is strong. The guys as well has their ways of making people jump up and down with their music. Michael and Simon moves a lot when on stage and it just shows how enthusiastic they are when playing. John is also expressive when playing the drums and it isnt just about head banging all the way to the end of the song. Brando on the keys also has his way of entertaining the crowd. And EJ is the only person in the band (as far as I can remember) who just moves a bit. Regardless if he moves or not, but when he’s on the bass guitar, he’s definitely good at it.

Aside from showmanship, SUCH is also humble with the things that they have achieved over the years. They just see it as a blessing and a result of their hard work. Just recently they have been featured in an international website BITE MY MUSIC. 

Sometime in February a voting is going to be made for all of the featured bands. We can help SUCH spread their music not just in the Philippines but also around the world. The procedures and guidelines are yet to be updated. Once we have that information, I will definitely update you guys and I hope you help SUCH through voting. You may listen to some of their songs and hear for yourself the music that has captivated many people as well.

Visit their website on SUCH. Check out their videos and there’s an online streaming available on PandaBoy.



Sinulog Strikes Again!

Cebu is usually a very busy city. Every year many events happen. It can be concerts or local programs and events. Despite many annual events the most awaited is the Sinulog Festival. It is the busiest time of the year. Many people from the city would really take the time of celebrating to honor the dear St. Nino. The Sinulog Festival is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of the month of January. But that doesn’t mean it is specifically for that day only. Starting new year many merchants from other places around the Philippines would come to sell their items. Many local shops would be selling souvenirs specially made for Sinulog. Big malls and other establishments would take part in a month long celebration. Fireworks contest, art shows, band shows, singing contests are just some of the many activities. The biggest activity would really anticipate is the Sinulog Dance Festival. Main roads (Jones Avenue and Fuente Osmena) would be closed. Dancers from all over the philippines would join for the big price. Not only that you get to enjoy the beauty of Cebu! Another highlight on this event is the Procession, where many people would line up and chant for the dear Patron Saint. Well these are just some of the activities, there’s still a lot more! If you can catch up come here to cebu and enjoy!!

Quitting is an Option

I haven’t made a post in quite a long time (maybe a month or longer). What I have been doing for that long vacation from blogging was reading freshly pressed blogs, browsing the web for nice pictures that can relax my mind and focusing mainly on my job as Technical Support Professional. I have also been reflecting a lot about my life – more on what I want to do and what would satisfy me. But these thoughts are just mainly a distraction to the reality that has been happening around me. For the record (I dont care if this is a shame on my end), I have been on the bottom for our team, my performance at work is ten steps lower than mediocre and my finances are at the edge of darkness (I am not that broke though, tough times). People have been asking me, “Would you want to Quit?” 

And here’s my first response…

No, quitting are for losers. And in life losers do not get the best out of things. Losers do not have the positivity in life. They only cry and go to their families and friends for strength. They dont face the challenge provided to them nor do they have the courage to go through it. So I am not quitting (this is what I said before), I have my kids and they need me, I dont have the time to quit and just surrender.

After a week, here’s my response…

Source: Google Images

I quit. I admit I am weak. I admit I am not perfect and not strong enough. I admit to the fact that there are some things I couldn’t handle. Life has been hard to me ever since. I have to cry and just suck it up. Because then again I am weak. I dont believe in hope, I dont believe that I have the capability of keeping the faith nor on my strength to face the tough challenge.

The question remains, “When is it a good time to quit?”. It is alright to quit when you think you’re alone and there’s no one else or when you feel like you have had enough. It is alright to say you surrender when times really get rough and there’s no way to escape. Because when you admit how weak you are, you get the fact that you are human, bound to imperfections and that you are not God who can handle all things. And when you realize that, you then wake up from you nightmare and stand up face the challenge even if you’re already on wounded knees.



I am thinking about Time and its essence.  Which is more important, Time or Money? 

When we were still kids, do we care about it? In some ways maybe, but we only care about it when it’s play time or time to go to sleep. When we start going to school, the only moment we care about time is when we get late (but still we get up late). When you grow up, you start to value time through your daily tasks, you already have a planner or maybe an organizer to help you out with what you are going to do.

And time, as we all have experienced, flies by so fast. It is so fast that you fail to take a good hold of it. You utilize it for senseless activities (for some of us) and serious ones as well. However when you do a lot of things and you managed your time well, there is no time for you to rest and stop. And soon, you forget to run some errands, you forgot a lot of things because you did not rest and stop for a while.

You start complaining and maybe cursing. And then you get into self-help books that has titles such as “How to Manage your Time”  or “7 Ways to Manage your Time” or worse “Time Management for Dummies” (is there one? I need one!). Or if you don’t worry about managing your time, you worry about things you have done which you shouldn’t have like making out with someone during a party or cursing someone randomly because you had a bad day.

I guess what I am just trying to say is regardless what time means to each one of us, it is very important. And this should not be taken for granted.


I am not so good at commitments but I think with this one, I will be able to pass with flying colors. So if you are asking which I will be committing to – BLOGGING, WRITING, etc.

I think this will help me improve in many ways. I just do hope I get the right number of people to read through all the stuff I wrote in WordPress.

The Daily Post has helped me now and will be able to help you as well. It is not really about perfection (though all of us aim for this) but it is rather on how you write and why you write.

So why do I write?

I write because I believe in the power of words. I believe that what I write about will help others in one way or another. The best part about writing is being able to express yourself at great lengths with less stress. You just need to think and focus on your subject. There is always room for improvement in technical aspects. And for me I do need improvement. Lastly, I write for my kids.

I am committing to POST A WEEK 2011.

Support me and the rest of those who want to join. 😀


It’s pretty amazing how WP’s Daily Posts help you out for your Blog Topics. Another has struck and has excited my brain cells. If you were God… The question was about how I should start the world, I guess I wouldnt want to change how it all started, I would rather change what is happening right now as results of how it started.

If God gave me one day to be Him/Her (depending on how you address your own God).  There are some things I would love to change.


I would like to lessen these especially in countries where only a few people have the luxury to eat three meals a day. I would want them to have their own means of living, where they control what they have. I also would want them to learn how to work hard in order for them to survive. I might also give them something that they can start on. Poverty, I consider this a disease that spreads, it is greater than AIDS because it doesn’t weaken the body but also the soul. This is the very first thing I would love to change, and maybe I can instill in the minds of the poor that they don’t need to be weak because everything is possible through God (through me).


I am guessing that everyone can relate to this. Corruption is everywhere, from public buses to trains, taxi, fastfood chains and unfortunately in every country’s government. The reason why I would like to change this, because it is one factor why poverty existed. Corruption is the result of greed and people not being contented with what they have. It leaves us to the thought that the people who has the higher position in life is more likely to have more power over their inferior and it would make them control the lives of others. The reason why I want to change this, because I dont see the reason as to why some people are satisfied at the misfortune of another. It just ain’t right.

3. LOVE.

Love, is for everybody and I just want everybody to feel that they are loved and they have the capability to love back despite the hatred and anger they have in life. Angst-driven persons need a hug from me and from everyone.


I would want to eradicate this. As the song goes, “Why does everybody have to be so obsessed, when money cant buy us hapiness?” (Correct me if I am wrong…) I would want to go back to the old school mode of transactions which is barter. I guess by exchanging goods and services, everything would be fair. (Idealistic, eh?!)

5. HATE.

It is yet another thing everyone wishes to eradicate, but I wouldnt, I would just lessen the factors that drives hatred. I guess in each one of us, it is one emotion that we are fortunate to have, for we can express hatred in different amount for various reasons. It is not something we should be deprived however it should be controlled. This one is hard to obtain yet it is practical in some sense.

All these I would want to change, that again, if I was God.

Note: Photos are from Google Images