Retreat… Our Lives as a Special Gift

Retreat… Our Lives as a Special Gift

On the last week of November, the fourth year students of the College of Arts and Sciences spent a few days far away from their daily routines, far from the influence of civilization and literally away from the world. It was a challenge for us students who were not allowed to check our phones and be connected with the life we left behind. But we sure know that we were on a retreat – a special occasion seldom given to many and only a few can enjoy.

Retreat was described to us as an avenue to rekindle our ties with the Lord. It was explained to us that it is an avenue to rest, relax and feel inner peace. What we don’t know is that the retreat was a life changing event for us.

On our way to the Betania, many of us joked about the challenge we are going to face, especially that of our phones being confiscated and the long necessity for silence. We chatted all the way from Iligan to Cagayan and we slept while on the road. The moment we reached the Betania, it gave us the feeling of something mysterious and relaxing that not one of us can explain. I saw faces amazed by the structure of the Betania. It was a small paradise dedicated to finding our own inner peace. The place was almost perfect I would want to cry. The site was a form of miracle seeing that the beauty of nature is still intact despite all the harm humanity has done. That was just the start…

Our first day was definitely tiring but fun. We were greeted by the staff and were treated as part of a big home.  We were also given the chance to be facilitated by Fr. Ferdie, a cool and fun priest who started the retreat with allowing us to appreciate ourselves and the gift of life. It was such a relief to find ourselves sitting in the room while listening to music and being touched by the love of the Lord. We also had a mass on the first day and it helped in soothing our busy souls. The first day was just short as we hd to go to bed and take a good night sleep.

The second day was full of activities. We were told about the power of the love of Jesus and why we should connect with him. In the morning there was grouping and we were allowed to share our experiences that helped us become who we are. We were able to share our lives to our peers and we never judged each one of them. It was something like of a confession but to people who we believe we can trust. The time was a bit short for us but we were able to understand our peers and had help in respecting them as they are. Fr. Ferdie also shared to us the story of the pencil and some videos to inspire us about time and how sometimes we forget to value the different things around us such as ourselves, our family and our friends.

In the afternoon, we were told to form a symbol depicting us as a person. It was about creating a symbol or an image of something that tells others about us. We were then told to share it to the rest of the retreatants. At first, we discovered new things about our retreat mates. Some cried and some shared their pains and aches in life. Despite the challenge of not crying, it could not be held because on that retreat we were able to lower our pride and show ourselves to others without hiding anything. That activity led us to understanding others and love ourselves even more.

After that, we were also shown different videos and Fr. Ferdie was enthusiastic about what we had shared. The greatest most revealing experience is when our creation was crushed by a random guy. He then told us that God also feels that way when we are crushed, hurt and when we take ourselves for granted. It was an eye opener and it made us realize a lot of things. The second day also had a confession for some of us and for others a lot of realization also happened.  

In the evening, we were discussing about relationships and how we must handle them. It was one of the most unexpected things as we were able to reconcile with our friends who we have lost. We have given hugs to even a random retreat mate. It was heartfelt and most of all, it was sincere. A lot of friendships were rekindled, prayers were given and hearts were deeply touched.

The night ended with smiles and tears along with friendships relived. It was something not most of us could have done.

The third day was lighter than anything else, we were discussing about freedom from all the pains and how the Lord does His own actions for many of us. It ended with a short farewell with our Retreat Director and we are very thankful for the short time he spent with us.

Retreat is a time to heal wounds, to heal our hearts, to be open to things and to love ourselves. In behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences, I would like to thank the Administration for allowing this event that had made our college life complete.


Kaye Lucille Marie D. Alaba, CAS Batch 2013-2014


The Final Defense and House of Pasta

Last October 16, 2013 I had my final defense for my undergraduate thesis. I have worked with a lot of thesis before but not related to my field. Working with other thesis was easy for me but when I worked on my own – damn it was hard!

On that day I made sure everything was prepared such as contacting my panel and adviser along with the necessities such as projectors, laptop and food for the panel. Speaking of food, I had this long time craving for House of Pasta‘s dishes. Their pictures along with their customers’ are too tempting to resist but unfortunately I can’t go to their place since they open only on Fridays. Weekdays are a killer for my craving for food. Still, I preferred their food to be served on my final defense. I admit I was a bit hesitant since I was on a tight budget but fast forward when I made the order and met with Chef Warren, I knew I was making the right choice.

Pasta as opposed to any other dish requires one ingredient to make it tasty and that is LOVE. It’s my belief, because pasta is a dish that anyone can just indulge in. Warren has that ingredient – love for food, love for life and love for his customers. With that, he can easily cook it in a few minutes without sacrificing food quality and extravagant taste.

Moving forward, when I got the order… I was tempted to just directly eat it because the aroma and the smell is calling me out saying “Hey! EAT ME!..” which is weird but it is definitely that one call no one would like to miss.

Back to defense, unfortunately we had some lapses and it was an eye opener to know them all. I was happy in the end because I learned a lot from my panel and it is just wise to take note of what they tell us especially corrections. To add to the happiness is the reaction when they saw the food… “Kani lami jud ni!” which they tasted later on and confirmed what they have said… “Lami jud siya Kaye, aha ni gikan?”

Good food in defense definitely add a point not to my grade but to the over all experience. My final defense was a challenge indeed but it ended well.

Going back to House of Pasta, Warren added two servings on my order for me and my boyfie to get a taste of their pasta… BRAVO! It was the yummiest thing I had. It was just full of taste. The texture was perfect. The sauce was enough. The bacon and the shrimp definitely made it complete. I fell in love with the pasta…

Indeed it was one of the best pasta I had in years. Im not exaggerating but a foodie like me who likes to eat a lot, is suggesting this to friends…

Till next time House of Pasta! 🙂

Contact them here:

Phone 0917 431 1101


Kai’s Kitchen

Yesterday was definitely a tiring day for me and our crew in SMC as we handled a leadership seminar for high school students. Having 3 hours of sleep was not right but it was a blast.

But before the day ended, we planned to have lunch at Chowking Tibanga but unfortunately it was full so I suggested we try Kai’s Kitchen. It’s located in Chelina Arcade Tibanga, Iligan City. As a self-confessed foodie and a lover of any kind of food, I have always planned to come here as some close friends have highly suggested. The place was not that big but was perfect for small families and couples on a date. Good thing we were graced by a table for 5. The menu was indeed tempting and I wished I had money that day as I would like to order their best dishes. But since it was for our team, we ordered their Bicol Express, Special Chicken Pater, Fried Chicken Duo and their Garden Salad.

The Bicol Express was very yummy. The way it was cooked was great and wasn’t any regular bicol express. The tiny slices of chili (which I ate) added to the beauty of their Bicol Express. I highly suggest people to order this and the price is just right. As for their Chicken Pater, my friend said it was good and their palapa was just right for his tastebuds. The plating deserves a thumbs up! As for the Fried Chicken Duo, it was also good according to my companion.

The last that was served was the Garden Salad. As a vegetable lover, I indulged myself on their sumptuous garden salad which has sliced cucumber, bell pepper, carrots and lettuce. The sauce for their salad was perfect for the salad – wasn’t that salty and a bit of sour which is good while pairing it with the vegetables.

I was definitely in love and I will surely go back to Kai’s Kitchen… This time with my family.



Sorry I didn’t have pictures. 😦

Fast Forward Button Please

It’s been a long while since I have enjoyed life… and by enjoy I highly define it as unwinding and stress relieving activities such as trips, bar hopping, outing and movie tripping. I have been on the rocks for almost a year now since that dreaded and unforgettable days of 2012. I quit my previous work in Cebu with the hopes of finishing my education and hoping to get that diploma in BS Psychology. I’m no longer young and I aint getting any younger. So I felt that unnecessary pressure and enrolled myself last year. I’m now on my last term. A dreadful term so to say… because of juggling work, studies and thesis. I would consider myself blessed because I get to wake up everyday and still have the chance to breathe to the very least. 

Everyone knows who I am and my life is definitely an open book – I do have secrets but the rest is like Kris Aquino’s life were everyone gets a chance to judge me. DUHH! I don’t really care. Haha. Moving forward though, I work in the evening and I work because I got bills to pay and rent along with my massive desire for food plus to provide for my family which is my sister and kid. Joseph is my partner and he had been very helpful with that but I really don’t push him to do so as it is not his responsibility. Still, I thank him for being there.

Now, my challenge is, due to my unexplainable brilliance (hahaha sorry!) a lot of employers come to me. With my need for money (we all need it.. :p), I kind of accepted some of them so I do multitask. Just imagine that on a daily basis. Unfortunately, my brain works twice its supposed capacity. I find it unfortunate because having too much knowledge pains the structure of my life – I would rather be ignorant at some point. So I work in the evening, sleep for 6 – 7 hours or 3 hours when I had my OJT and then wake up and cook for the fam. This has been my daily routine since April 2013. It’s been 5 months now and I guess I have survived. Im amazed by this because I thought I would never ever survive. I doubt you can! Hahaha.

Moving forward though, the reason why I’m ranting as hell here, because all I want to say is I NEED A BREAK! I just want to get that lovely 8 hours sleep and then run maybe or play basketball (which I couldn’t do anymore…). I would love to play with my kid but I can’t seem to give him that. I play with boyfriend though (hahahaha…) but still my kid understands and even tells me I need to sleep. 

Im thinking otherwise, is it break that I need or a fast forward button so that I can move forward to ending the term and finally breathing some real air after the exhaustion of being a working – mom – student – girlfriend – sister – provider. 

Well… What do you think? Let me know. 



For the Horde

For the Horde

Iligan has always been considered a place full of artistry. Not only does the city showcase fine arts but also houses some of the most talented individuals. Another year has passed but new music continues to grow in this almost empty city. We had a line of the best bands in the city, Such,Outnumbered, Kill Mickey Mouse and so on. These bands have proven that even in the Deep South, lays numerous talented few who wants to make it in the music industry.

Fast forward 2012 and another band is born by the name of “For the Horde”. The band promised not to surprise listeners by basically combining different talented individuals with various influences all into one group. Call it musical experiment but it is way beyond that! The band had a history which they have formed a bond by being one of the best acoustic groups in the city –Trip Trip Trip. The band is a deeply influenced by Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Ash, Four Year Strong, Envy on the Coast and so on. The band is composed of Michael on the microphone,Bren on lead guitars, Joseph on Bass, Joseph or famously known as Tabak for the drums and Winston as a sub guitarist. The guys have been from various bands since a decade ago. Yes, all of them are quite experienced when it comes to making and playing music.

Before getting to the story of the band’s name, let’s dive into the band’s individual history. As expected Michael leading this group would have a lot to share by being part of the defunct band, Such. His expertise in creating poetic lyrics has been known all over the city. Michael is more of the “poppish” person – just check out his interests! Michael has a lot to contribute to the group by writing their first song Prolixity. Next would be Bren, started from being part of a band influenced by 311, also known as Urban Decay. Bren has been out and around for a while in the music scene and just got back with playing for “For the Horde”. Joseph on the bass is greatly influenced by reggae music and has been in numerous party bands for many years now. His musical influences are too diverse. He is flexible but is more fluent with playing his 5-string bass.

Winston their sub guitarist (when Bren ain’t around) is considered one of the best guitarists in Iligan. Before getting into party bands, he was lead guitars for quite a few metal bands. Last but never ever the least is their drummer Tabak, who has made a history in the worldwide music scene – by being in numerous bands and playing for more than 5 bands in one gig. He plays mainly for hardcore bands. Call it crazy, but this guy could break his leg by what he is doing. Clearly this is a musical mess especially with different influences all rolled into one. But what do you expect when these guys just want to develop something new.

The question would then be “Why For the Horde?” Michael who is unquestionably a fan of World of Warcraft got the name from one of faction’s name Horde which is what he calls as the “baddies”. Up until now, he is an avid player of the game. We can’t blame him for getting the name from a game. It is definitely an eccentric idea but that is how these bad ass guys would like to label themselves. Often dubbed as War Lords, these guys deserve the title for they have been in the music scene for a long time.

Looking at the development of this band, they have created three songs in a short span of time. Their songs are Prolixity, Warmonger and Divide, Decimate. According to Michael the songs meant:

Prolixity – Multiple meaning. Denying what is clearly obvious and lying about it despite being hurt.Talking and talking when you can easily sum it all up in a few words.

Warmonger – Religion Sucks but we are bound by it. We blindly abide by it, it has become our way of life, a routine, a tradition, and we hate and kill each other because of it.

(Not recorded yet. ) Divide,Decimate – Imaginary Leader figure pummeling humanity into pieces without us being aware of it.

These guys have rocked the stages of Iligan for the third time just this April 27, 2013 with the “Tell All Your Friends Again” gig. If you want to hear their songs you can check out their Sound Cloud page: Spread the love by liking their page on Facebook:



Checking Out Ideal Locksmith Services

There are times when people forget their keys and some would even lose it. During this period, the very first response would be to panic. Car keys and home keys are very important compared to any other belonging a person could have. When this happens, the best thing to do would be to look for American best locksmith services in order to get a fast resolution for the key problem. There are many locksmith companies around Northern America but only a few are certified and guaranteed to provide excellent service. Before choosing a service center, it is vital to check out their background.

Criteria for Choosing Locksmith Centers

Although key losses happen unexpectedly, checking these companies ahead of time is vital. Why? We may be overly confident of the future that we get too assuring of not losing our keys but we can never tell. Thus, it is best to check companies who offer copying of keys, unlocking of padlocks and car unlocking. What should you look for? Quality, service fees and years of service should be noted by every consumer including you. These criteria will help in determining the American best locksmith service for you.

When it comes to quality, ideal locksmith experts are well equipped and trained with certificates of completion for their training. Although some states and even other countries do not require this certificate, quality of service could still be checked by the various customer feedback they had. As for service fees, some centers would be charging too much for unlocking services. This is why it is important to compare one center from another and pair it with the quality of their service.

Not only should you think about the two qualities and criteria for locksmith centers but also with their length of service. Why? Only a few reliable companies would last long and longevity is very important for any business. These would help future customers gauge the company they are about to choose. Just like any other business or service out there, every customer should look out on years of experience.

Once these criterion are met, customers should be able to identify the American best locksmith servicing company there is. It is very crucial to think about this, just like when shopping for a new TV or choosing a new mobile phone. For every single buying decision we have to make, these three basic criteria is considered important. Now that you have an idea, just in case you’ll encounter unexpected losing of keys, you know which company to choose.

Advertising on Facebook…Just Saying


                 Many businesses have already grown and opened its doors to its consumers through the world wide web. There are so many strategies used by business owners in order to achieve sales and get more customers. It starts with website creation, social media accounts, video creation and advertising on Facebook among others. In line with website creation is design of website, style of interactivity with website visitors and others. Next would be the social media accounts which help business engage with various consumers and subtlely endorsing products and services. Video creation is highly used for product based businesses which uses YouTube as main platforms. The last would be advertising which involves creating banners and having graphic design to suit your business needs.

                One of the highly suggested forms of advertising is using the social networking site, Facebook. Advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to drive customers and consumers to your website. It could also help generate revenue for any business. Despite various advertisement platforms on the internet, this is one tool used by top online businesses. The cost is not that expensive as it costs only a few dollars depending on the type of advertisement. However in most cases the advertisement is shown in the right side of a person’s news feed, during loading of games and even on other sites. Facebook is affiliated with a lot of websites due to its fame and number of registered users. Due to this affiliation some advertisements on Facebook are seen and visible on other sites.

                Advertising on Facebook is a good method to use because Facebook delivers it to the people who would likely find it helpful and useful. IF your business is fashion most of the possible audience the ad could reach are those individuals who are inclined into fashion. Facebook has a way of determining if the person is up for it. It could be through the searches made within the website. The best thing about advertising on Facebook is whether or not the advertisements are clicked or not, there will still be some significant changes since Facebook allows advertisers to see the number of people who have seen the ad and a certain analytics report is sent to you weekly. So if you plan on creating advertisements for your website or your business even if its local, you can choose Facebook as your advertising method and tool. 

Such is Such

In today’s music industry, many bands would like to get in and make a name. There are also some who just get into this hobby or self-proclaimed passion and just want to be famous. There are also a few who doesn’t mind fame and just get into that stage and play their music. I admire the latter.

Here in the Philippines, most bands are influenced by various musicians around the world, thus you can hear the variety and mixes of genre put together in many songs. Lyrics are mostly emotional and has a deeper meaning and a story behind it. There are also some lyrics that are plain dumb, totally nonsensical but the melody catches the listener. This is how most Filipino musicians work out their music and sell songs.

In our city here in Iligan, many bands have attempted to hit the national music scene and only a few made a mark. It can be because of how listeners would identify the music with the band and how they like the songs. However that doesn’t mean that Iliganons do not have the talent. We are proud to be home of some of the most talented musicians and song writers.

One of the talented bands that I consider members of the few musically inclined elites is SUCH.

This band rooted from different musical influences and with different music genre preferences. The band is composed of Miki (Vocals), Simon (Guitarist and Back up Vocals), Michael (Guitarist and Backup Vocals), John (Drums), Brando (Keyboard) and EJ (Bass).


I asked them on how they came up with the band name. They really do not have that specific answer but as what they said SUCH was the random word that had described them as a group. They also came from different bands that plays various music genre ranging from, alternative, punk rock, hardcore, death and indie rock. When they all gathered and decided to form a band, they kind of mixed all of their influences and played songs that are a bit eccentric and new to the ears of listeners.

Such has been invited to various shows all over the Philippines and have been considered one of the freshest yet innovative bands ever. They have played with some of the best bands in the Philippines.

Such with Franco

One thing that makes them stand out is how they deliver their songs when on stage. Miki has been a vocalist for various bands thus experience made her what she is today. She knows how to deliver the song and her voice is strong. The guys as well has their ways of making people jump up and down with their music. Michael and Simon moves a lot when on stage and it just shows how enthusiastic they are when playing. John is also expressive when playing the drums and it isnt just about head banging all the way to the end of the song. Brando on the keys also has his way of entertaining the crowd. And EJ is the only person in the band (as far as I can remember) who just moves a bit. Regardless if he moves or not, but when he’s on the bass guitar, he’s definitely good at it.

Aside from showmanship, SUCH is also humble with the things that they have achieved over the years. They just see it as a blessing and a result of their hard work. Just recently they have been featured in an international website BITE MY MUSIC. 

Sometime in February a voting is going to be made for all of the featured bands. We can help SUCH spread their music not just in the Philippines but also around the world. The procedures and guidelines are yet to be updated. Once we have that information, I will definitely update you guys and I hope you help SUCH through voting. You may listen to some of their songs and hear for yourself the music that has captivated many people as well.

Visit their website on SUCH. Check out their videos and there’s an online streaming available on PandaBoy.


Sinulog Strikes Again!

Cebu is usually a very busy city. Every year many events happen. It can be concerts or local programs and events. Despite many annual events the most awaited is the Sinulog Festival. It is the busiest time of the year. Many people from the city would really take the time of celebrating to honor the dear St. Nino. The Sinulog Festival is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of the month of January. But that doesn’t mean it is specifically for that day only. Starting new year many merchants from other places around the Philippines would come to sell their items. Many local shops would be selling souvenirs specially made for Sinulog. Big malls and other establishments would take part in a month long celebration. Fireworks contest, art shows, band shows, singing contests are just some of the many activities. The biggest activity would really anticipate is the Sinulog Dance Festival. Main roads (Jones Avenue and Fuente Osmena) would be closed. Dancers from all over the philippines would join for the big price. Not only that you get to enjoy the beauty of Cebu! Another highlight on this event is the Procession, where many people would line up and chant for the dear Patron Saint. Well these are just some of the activities, there’s still a lot more! If you can catch up come here to cebu and enjoy!!

Quitting is an Option

I haven’t made a post in quite a long time (maybe a month or longer). What I have been doing for that long vacation from blogging was reading freshly pressed blogs, browsing the web for nice pictures that can relax my mind and focusing mainly on my job as Technical Support Professional. I have also been reflecting a lot about my life – more on what I want to do and what would satisfy me. But these thoughts are just mainly a distraction to the reality that has been happening around me. For the record (I dont care if this is a shame on my end), I have been on the bottom for our team, my performance at work is ten steps lower than mediocre and my finances are at the edge of darkness (I am not that broke though, tough times). People have been asking me, “Would you want to Quit?” 

And here’s my first response…

No, quitting are for losers. And in life losers do not get the best out of things. Losers do not have the positivity in life. They only cry and go to their families and friends for strength. They dont face the challenge provided to them nor do they have the courage to go through it. So I am not quitting (this is what I said before), I have my kids and they need me, I dont have the time to quit and just surrender.

After a week, here’s my response…

Source: Google Images

I quit. I admit I am weak. I admit I am not perfect and not strong enough. I admit to the fact that there are some things I couldn’t handle. Life has been hard to me ever since. I have to cry and just suck it up. Because then again I am weak. I dont believe in hope, I dont believe that I have the capability of keeping the faith nor on my strength to face the tough challenge.

The question remains, “When is it a good time to quit?”. It is alright to quit when you think you’re alone and there’s no one else or when you feel like you have had enough. It is alright to say you surrender when times really get rough and there’s no way to escape. Because when you admit how weak you are, you get the fact that you are human, bound to imperfections and that you are not God who can handle all things. And when you realize that, you then wake up from you nightmare and stand up face the challenge even if you’re already on wounded knees.